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Entle and the environment

We want to respect the planet. Science has shown that our planet’s climate is rapidly changing, caused at least in part by human activity, particularly carbon emissions. 1, 2 The impacts of the changing climate are set to be devastating and constitutes a “climate emergency.” 3 Out of principle, we are concerned about these impacts on vulnerable people worldwide. But as a young team, we expect these impacts to materialise within our own lifetimes and those of our children, so we also have a personal, vested interest in doing something about it.

For us, the climate emergency is the defining environmental issue — though we are very much aware of, and sensitive to, the myriad of other challenges facing the environment, such as biodiversity destruction and ocean acidification.

We recognise the limits of trying to address the climate emergency on an individual or small business-scale, knowing that only with the buy-in from governments and large, industrial polluters can the tide truly be turned, but we still want to take action.

We see three main ways we can take action:

  1. Reducing our own carbon emissions, primarily by minimising travel and working remotely as far as possible;
  2. Offsetting our own carbon emissions, by supporting tree-planting and carbon offsetting projects;
  3. Continuously looking for new, more environmentally-friendly ways to run our business and provide the services we do. This includes making environmental impact one of the key metrics on which we assess potential suppliers.

We know that reducing our carbon emissions to zero is the only true way to eliminate our carbon impact. However, until it becomes feasible to run our business off completely carbon-neutral products, services and suppliers, we feel that offsetting our emissions is the next best option. As regular, detailed carbon footprint assessments by an environmental auditor is out of reach for a smaller agency like ours, we work on averages to offset our activity.

We use Ecologi to plant trees and offset our emissions. They have a high level of transparency and only use offsetting projects certified by the Gold Standard.

531 trees planted
13.8t of CO2 reduction See Entle on Ecologi

Let's get better at this, together! We’re new to this so we know we will make mistakes. If you’re a business having undertaken something similar and you have lessons to share, we’d love to hear from you! Interested in joining us on a journey to zero carbon emissions? Why not discuss this with your own team and consider subscribing your business to a service like Ecologi? We'd love to hear how you tackle this!