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Whitepaper · 31 January 2024

Entle's web strategy process

Entle's web strategy process makes crafting a great strategy easy. Download this free whitepaper to learn more.

Entle's web strategy process

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Why Entle's strategy process?

If you want to build a successful website, you need to start by creating a proper website strategy. Investing in strategy pays for itself: it clarifies uncertainties, aligns your team, and helps you identify risks that could derail your project, early. Most importantly, it gives you a reliable compass for making execution decisions later on.

Through years of iteration — which continues to this day — we've developed a facilitated website strategy process. It structures the strategic thought process in a way that makes it easy for any team to formulate a good strategy. We've applied it to a range of organisational contexts, including startups, nonprofits, and corporate enterprises.

How it works

Our strategy process starts with research. On the basis of that research, we facilitate one to two workshops with your team. Using all of this as input, we prepare a website blueprint for your review. The deliverable of the process is a thorough document capturing the context and charting a course for your website.

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